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ST 12 XL PATROL- The spacious cabin allows a comfortable seating for 12 passengers and 2 crew members. Under the deck there is a sleeping compartment with 2 single berths and water-closet. Both cabin and sleeping compartment are air-conditioned, equipped with forced air heat. Landing craft is powered by twin Volov Penta D6 sterndrives. Outfitting includes among others: 5kW generator, hydrulic bow door, front push knee.

                                          TECHNICAL DATA

Length 11,95 m
Total length 12,50 m
Beam   4,45 m
Weight (incl. inboards ) 11 200 kg
Fuel tank capacity 2 x 600 l 
Max. engine power 2 x 500 hp
Sheet metal 6/8 mm
Person capacity 14