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C 750 is designed for a year-round use. Insulated and sound-proof cabin allows you to enjoy even the cloudy and rainy days at sea. It has a solid, high-quality aluminium structure resistant to sea waters.

The spacious boat cabin is big enough to move around freely. It’s also a place to prepare and consume meals, while enjoying the surrounding sights. The rich standard equipment allows you to start using the boat right away and enjoy it at it’s best.

Open deck spaces in the front and rear provide a large loading capacity. Spacious lockers help you organize all your belongings in the boat while comfortable seating outside the cabin lets you relax while fishing.

Boat is ertified to take 8 persons on board.



Length 7,50 m
Total length 7,90 m
Beam 2,55 m
Weight (without engine) 1700 kg
Fuel tank capacity 180 l
Max. engine power 2 x 250 hp
Sheet metal 5 mm
Person capacity 8